Sunday, May 25, 2008


Hey Everyone,
I'm sure I tried to recruit almost everyone who reads this blog at some point to help complete this mural for our good friends Nick and Amber and of course their baby Gwen. Well here are the results. We did get some help from both Nick and Amber's parents and one of their friends whose name I can't remember. But the majority was painted by me and Nick, and my lovely wife Cristina. Amber really wanted to paint, but she was pregnant with Gwen at the time (but I think she did some secret painting anyway when we weren't around). The whole project took a long time. I sketched all the artwork onto their walls freehand since we had no opaque projector, then I numbered the colors so everyone who wanted to could help us by doing paint by numbers. Then I went over most of it again to add some details. We finished it a week before Gwen showed up.
All these pics were taken by my beautiful wife by the way.

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